Condition general of transaction 


All the relationships and the transactions of business between scuderiamodelli and the buyer, are exclusively submitted BGB to the laws of the German Federal Republic. any complaint from the buyer has to be in writing expressly and confirmed by Scuderiamodelli. Possible mistakes, misprints and ability of delivery are reserved! 


Our offers can suffer some changes. Technical changes to the front of our illustrations or descriptions are possible. 

3.Close contractor and Withdrawal booking 

The contract of purchase among Scuderiamodelli and the buyer becomes only through an ordination of the buyer and the acceptance of the same one valid from Scuderiamodelli. The ordination can be in writing, (fax or letter), for e-mail or for Internetshop, the transaction can be effective only to confirmation of the name, of the address and possible n°of the buyer's telephone. The delivery of the invoice will be attached to the orderly commodity, in the moment in which the orderly commodity is withdrawn by the buyer, the acceptance of the contract has been realized. We receive gladly bookings with the promise of a rapid carrying out in the charge. Á. the moment of the booking will be necessary to pour a 25% account on the price of purchase. If it had to be us an afterthought or any other form of annulment after the action of booking from the buyer, Scuderiamodelli is ready to indemnify the whole account. 


The article, if already available in the store, sent by us within 2-3 working days, to reception of the payment. To the plurality of the articles in our assortment and through moves in terms of delivery of the producers, every article would be able not to be always available, we ask her in this case of understanding. The ordination will be taken on consignment automatically and it will be expeditious to load of the recipient. If the reserved articles had to result already sold and therefore more available, you/he/she will be informed for e-mail at the right moment. Partial deliveries from our part are admitted. Possible following supplies will be sent without any additional shipping and handling. 

5.Change and guarantee 

Scuderiamodelli guarantees the commodity sold during the purchase. If they were present possible defects of manufacture, the stipulated contract covers to guarantee any form of defect. The client is begged therefore to the action of delivery to check the commodity and to inform Scuderiamodelli at the right moment. The communications from the client have to be in writing and they have to be late within 5 days near of us to reception of the commodity, equally for possible lacks of parts. In case I cross the guarantee it automatically decays. The claims must be accompany with invoice or fiscal slip that try the date of purchase of the commodity, to send therefore in stamped closed envelope sufficiently near Scuderiamodelli. For the damages, that are derived from consignment of improper return, Scuderiamodelli cannot receive any guarantee. In particular cases, the shipping and handling are indemnified in the on Your account client. You begs to send the whole correspondence with the due postage, or the same one won't be approved and therefore re-sent with the due over tax to the sender. For the correct correspondent of the buyer, we don't receive any guarantee. The guarantee doesn't concern the wearing out or the normal usury. The guarantee decays if the client changes the delivered commodity. Scuderiamodelli has the right to the reimbursement or sopratassa during the period of guarantee. If a substitution didn't have to be available because of exhaustion of the escorts, or not available in the agreed upon time, Scuderiamodelli hocks him for a to be done to the client I accredit or the restitution of the amount. 

6. reserve of ownership 

Up to the end of the payment the commodity stays ownership of Scuderiamodelli. 

7. recording of the personal data 

In conformity to the law on the privacy n° 28 - n° 33 of the German federal Republic, your data will be elaborate only in what can consider him the frame of the carrying out of a transaction of business, the necessary data for the carrying out of the same one they will be recorded through an enclosure of EDP in conformity to the law n°28. The personal data will privately be essays under only exclusive of Scuderiamodelli. 

8. competent hole 

The competent hole between Scuderiamodelli and possible contractors will be resolved by the court of the right of the German Federal Republic.