Welcome on Scuderiamodelli and from Your online-shop of models exclusive Ferrari 1/18, elements and accessories. 
Kind collectors of models Ferrari!My name is Robert and I is as You a collector of models Ferrari 1/18. From about 17 years I have picked up models Ferrari and I have to say that this is really a very beautiful hobby, everything to see how it becomes more and more beautiful the collection enriching her/it with rarity and limited models. 

Here from Scuderiamodelli you will have the possibility to widen Your collection with very beautiful models, of big value, rare, limited and of best qualities. 

If you look for a model of ferrari in 1/18 and not the gimmicks on the site of Scuderiamodelli, inform us please what or what models looked for, the firm, and the color sending us your application to this address mail: 


Will do better than ours to succeed in satisfying Your Applications! 

If have questions on the models or only of a model of our assortment, send us an e-mail and we will look for to answer you as soon as possible! 


1. Da an order of 400 EURs ( max 8 models)  shipping is for You FREE. 

2..Da an order of 500 EURs (number of pieces  is no matter)  shipping is for You FREE. 

3.For an order of 5000 EURs within of 12, will receive a good of purchase for a value of 200 EUR,

For now we don't remain but to wish you Good luck in the hope that feels even what looked for from so much! 

Kindest regards from the    Team Scuderiamodelli